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Of Knowledge and Doubts

Tell me about knowledge and doubts. An expert is the one who knows enough about a subject to be able to tell beyond doubt when he has reached the limit of his expertise. A knowledgeable person knows when he must seek expert advice to clear his doubts. A fool, on the other hand, will tell […]

Masalah Melayu Yang Tidak Istimewa

Terlalu banyak perbincangan tentang hak Melayu akhir-akhir ini. Di sebelah pihak, orang bukan Melayu meminta kesamarataan. Di satu pihak lagi, orang Melayu mempertahankan sebab-sebab mengapa keistimewaan Melayu harus dipelihara dengan Dasar Ekonomi Baru (yang sudah tidak baru lagi). Memang benar orang Melayu itu perlu diberi sedikit keistimewaannya supaya dia tidak terlalu kecil hati kehilangan sebahagian […]

The Star: Clean-up for Puspakom

Let’s see how clean can feces become. Pan Malaysian Bus Operators Association president Datuk Ashfar Ali said the move would definitely curb corruption and would have far-reaching effects. “The operators will know that they don’t have to be at the mercy of Puspakom for small things like the paintwork not being perfect,” he said. Read […]

The Star: Miri Folk Plan to Sober Up Binge Drinkers

Here’s what Miri Indian Association chairman Karambir Singh said in The Star: “Drinking moderately is not a problem but excessive drinking will lead to greater problems like what happened to that baby,” he told The Star yesterday. Read full article: Miri folk plan to sober up binge drinkers Question: Well, if drinking excessively lead to […]

They Showed America Change Can Happen. Now Show the World, Please.

Barrack Obama has been elected President of the United States of America. Congratulations to the man, and all his supporters in the USA and around the world. He promised change to the USA and some of the changes, will undoubtedly affect the World. I have always admired Americans for their tenacity, their will, their imagination, […]

Morally Corrupt and Totally Senseless

At least some people still make sense: IPOH: Perak UMNO Youth wants the state Religious Department to act against Perak Tengah district councilor Zul Hassan and businessman Fairul Azrim Ismail after they admitted having accepted offers to have sex with Chinese nationals. Read full news article at The Star Online Following up with yesterday’s post, […]

Unbelievably corrupt and totally unrepentant. Stupidity personified.

I don’t mean "corrupt" as in "taking bribes". That’s just an allegation and the court must prove that. What I mean is "corrupt" as in "morally, religiously, and socially despicable". And yet he had the cheek to go and complaint to the religious department… He needs his head checked. “What is important is we did […]

I’d Rather Pay More Than Go Against the Word of Allah

In Malaysia, the Islamic banking system was started in the 70s. Since conventional banks are not allowed to engage in buying and selling of property, the Islamic banking act was enacted to allow Islamic banks, or Islamic windows to perform property transactions which led to the use of the musyarakah and mudharabah instruments. However, in […]

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