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Malaysia 12th General Election: Unbelievable Wave of Change Hits North

As of 4.15am today, it seems Barison Nasional (BN), the ruling coalition, has lost in Kedah, Penang, and Kelantan. Although BN has won the rights to form the Federal Government, they have lost the ability to form 2/3 majority as the opposition has already officially won 75 parliament seats as of now. Kelantan has been […]

Malaysia 12th General Election: Pak Lah’s Biggest Mistake

Pak Lah will have to do some heavy thinking. BN has never lost so many states before. His proposed NCER (Northern Corridor Economic Region) now seems more likely to be NCOR (opposition’s region). He may not have realized it but I think his biggest mistake is to surround himself with people who filtered his view […]

Malaysia 12th General Election: BN Denied Two-Third Majority

In order to secure two-third majority,┬áBN must win 148 parliamentary seats, out of 222. As of 4.26am today, the full count is not in yet but the opposition has already officially secured 82 seats, denying BN the two-third majority by 8 seats! Almost unbelieavable! And the totally unbeliavable part is that it seems that Parti […]

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