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Morally Corrupt and Totally Senseless

At least some people still make sense: IPOH: Perak UMNO Youth wants the state Religious Department to act against Perak Tengah district councilor Zul Hassan and businessman Fairul Azrim Ismail after they admitted having accepted offers to have sex with Chinese nationals. Read full news article at The Star Online Following up with yesterday’s post, […]

Unbelievably corrupt and totally unrepentant. Stupidity personified.

I don’t mean "corrupt" as in "taking bribes". That’s just an allegation and the court must prove that. What I mean is "corrupt" as in "morally, religiously, and socially despicable". And yet he had the cheek to go and complaint to the religious department… He needs his head checked. “What is important is we did […]

I’d Rather Pay More Than Go Against the Word of Allah

In Malaysia, the Islamic banking system was started in the 70s. Since conventional banks are not allowed to engage in buying and selling of property, the Islamic banking act was enacted to allow Islamic banks, or Islamic windows to perform property transactions which led to the use of the musyarakah and mudharabah instruments. However, in […]

Triplet Nephews Have Arrived.

The triplets have arrived. Earlier predictions by several doctors expect only two of the triplets to be identical based on ultra-sound imaging that showed two sets of placenta. However, they turn out to be identical triplets. From left, Mohd Fahmi and Mohd Faris. The smaller one, Mohd Fauzi was under observation at the time the […]

Google Chrome: The Future Remains in the Near Future

I gave Google Chrome a test-drive yesterday. Cool browser. Really nice idea. Minimalist and well thought out. Very fast too, in starting up as well as browsing. What I like most is its DOM explorer… haha! This is the way it should be! Better than the IE dev toolbar or whatever there is for Firefox3 […]

Triplets Nephews Coming Into This World Today!

My younger sister is giving birth to triplets today! She’s scheduled to be in the operating theatre (for Caesarean) at 1.3opm today. I can’t be there because of such short notice but my wife’s there – so quick!

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