The Star: Miri Folk Plan to Sober Up Binge Drinkers

Here’s what Miri Indian Association chairman Karambir Singh said in The Star:

“Drinking moderately is not a problem but excessive drinking will lead to greater problems like what happened to that baby,” he told The Star yesterday.

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Question: Well, if drinking excessively lead to greater problems, what leads to excessive drinking?
Answer: Moderate drinking.

So, let’s use logical deductions.

If A leads to B and B leads to C, then we can conclude that A leads to C.

If moderate drinking leads to excessive drinking, and excessive drinking leads to greater problems, we can say that moderate drinking leads to greater problems.

Since moderate drinking does lead to greater problems, then moderate drinking itself is a problem. Consumption of alcohol is a problem — forbidden in any major religion, or at least strongly discouraged.

How do you know you’re almost drunk? Well, by the time you notice that, how good is your intoxicated intellectual capacity to decide that you had enough? What if you decided to go on? You can’t think straight with alcohol in your blood, anyway. If you can think 100% straight even with alcohol, why bother consume it in the first place? The taste? Alcohol have no taste… It’s the intoxication that makes it attractive. Well, if you don’t want to get intoxicated, why bother consuming something that has a detrimental effect on your liver function, to say the least… it even got babies killed.

Being a multi-cultural, multi-religious country, forbidding consumption of alcohol entirely may not be fair to some culture. However, the focus of any campaign should be total voluntary abstinence, not merely “moderate drinking is okay”. Education on total abstinence is the key.

And by “campaign”, I don’t mean no stupid banners and advertisements. I mean real action! Like what Kelantan did!

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