Morally Corrupt and Totally Senseless

At least some people still make sense:

IPOH: Perak UMNO Youth wants the state Religious Department to act against Perak Tengah district councilor Zul Hassan and businessman Fairul Azrim Ismail after they admitted having accepted offers to have sex with Chinese nationals.

Read full news article at The Star Online

Following up with yesterday’s post, here’s what I can deduce from today’s news article:

  1. Zul Hassan and Fairul Azrim Ismail admitted having extra-marital sex: They went against Islamic laws and both of them are Muslims.
  2. They had sex with Chinese nationals; probably trafficked humans: The went against basic human rights and both of them are PKR – self-appointed human rights champions.
  3. These Chinese nationals are prostitutes for sure: They went against Malaysian law and they are both Malaysians.
  4. They accepted the sex offer with prostitutes, although they didn’t ask for it: They went against corruption law, against Malaysian law, against basic human rights, and against Islamic law… and they are both bound to all of those.
  5. Zul Hassan said that what is important is that they didn’t ask for the women: Which means he is the personification of stupidity – what is important is that he accepted an illicit, immoral, and illegal offer!
  6. Fairul claimed that Mohamad Imran organized the thing and encouraged him into committing a sinful act by providing him with a woman from China: Which means that Fairul has a weak character, no sense of morality, doesn’t care about the law, doesn’t care about his family, can easily be corrupted, does not want to take responsibility for his actions, and just plain stupid.

How did these two morally corrupt, irresponsible, unfaithful, and stupid fools ever get chosen to their position? Did they bribed somebody else using sex with Chinese nationals too?

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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Reader Comments

PKR must do something…if not org akan kata, wah presiden main belakang, pengikut main pelacur…and jabatan agama islam must also punish these stupid monkeys…if not, no respect from the people…and believe me, if this continues, they can say goodbye in the next election…and as for the jabatan agama islam,adultry is a serious offense, so instead of rejam smp mati, how should we punish them in this so called islam hadari country??org poltik ni semakin menjengkelkan aku!!

Presiden “main belakang” tu no comment… hanya Allah yang tau buat masa ni. Tapi, dia nak masuk jadi PM pun “main belakang” jugak… relek la lagi 5 tahun nanti pilihanraya boleh menang. Build up la support sementara org dok suka. Tapi ni dok buat pelik2… negeri yang 5 tu pun tak jaga betul2 nanti org sakit hati…
Islam Hadari tu apa? Islam Madani si Anwar tu plak apa? Mungkin dlm Islam Hadari Pak Lah ni dibenarkan diskriminasi sementara dalam Islam Madani Anwar PKR tu dibenarkan pelacur sebagai sedekah?
Isk. Ni la akibatnya demokrasi tak berlandaskan Islam.

What the @#$% that these goons trying to prove when they claimed that they were offered these female agents of devils? So why did they accept the offer? I wonder how their families would take it..bodoh.

Typical men..”I did not do it, I am innocent..the woman seduced me..”. Yet they claim that they are a bunch of rational beings..merapu!

Oh lupa nak introduce myself..Hi I am Ida, Lyana’s friend..nice postings u have here..:)

The latest news at reports: On why is there a need to ask for the department to investigate the person behind the illicit sex act when Zul and Fairul had confessed to the offence, Asri (PKR lawyer Mohd Asri Osman) said: “They realise now that they had been induced into committing the act.”

Hahahaha… if you ask me, I’d say “They realize now that they had been stupid and morally weak. Stupid enough not to realize they are being set up. Morally weak that they can be easily set up in such a way.”

Just think, can you ever imagine anyone setting up Haji Hadi or Nik Aziz in similar situations? They can try but I think they would have to try really hard and be really cunning.

It all goes back to values and morality. No one can set you up by offering you sex if you are not already corrupt inside. The fact is, these two clowns accepted – they partied! Hahaha… stupid. Doesn’t matter who set them up. They don’t have the moral standing to be leaders.

Nizar, kick them out of the state exco! Shame on you, not only for selecting these two corrupt clowns, but also for not acting against them after they confessed to zina! You will have to answer in akhirat, you know.

BTW Ida, I know who you are.. hehe. Kirim salam kat sensei ;). And thanks!

makin lama makin merapu la depa ni…aku dah malas nak baca paper..kalau baca paper aku bc hiburan je haha x la sakit hati..xda rasa terhina kecerdikan aku ni..mcm kita ni x pi sekolah pulak..apa la nak jadi…mcm cerita bangau oh bangau la…kalau diri sendiri tu dah xdak moral, jgn la nak salahkan org…org tu xkan cucuk kalau iman depa tu kuat..sendiri mau ingat lah…

Ye la.. dah la sampai bertengkar/gaduh/debate dengan orang lain defend puak2 ni… blakang rupanya perangai mengalahkan binatang.
Buang masa, tenaga, dan emosi je.

Akhirnya tuan menteri besar menggugurkan depa dua ni dari exco sebab nampak sangat dah buruk akhlak.
Tapi kenapa la ambil masa lama sangat. Memang la kena siasat dulu tapi kalau dah keluar TV sebijik2 perkataan tu, patut pecat on the spot je.

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