Of Knowledge and Doubts

Tell me about knowledge and doubts.

An expert is the one who knows enough about a subject to be able to tell beyond doubt when he has reached the limit of his expertise. A knowledgeable person knows when he must seek expert advice to clear his doubts. A fool, on the other hand, will tell you without any doubt that he knows everything there is to know about the subjects at hand. The bigger fool, no doubt, would be the one who thinks he knows enough and believed the fool.How about an idiot?

An idiot is the happiest of all. The question never even arised in his mind. He did not need to ascertain when he has reached the limit of his knowledge. He has no doubts whatsoever. He does not even know there is anything to know about anything. He just believed the bigger fool and voted for him again and again. He has complete faith that the world is a perfect place and the bigger fool is the wisest of all men.

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