They Showed America Change Can Happen. Now Show the World, Please.

Barrack Obama has been elected President of the United States of America. Congratulations to the man, and all his supporters in the USA and around the world. He promised change to the USA and some of the changes, will undoubtedly affect the World.

I have always admired Americans for their tenacity, their will, their imagination, and their dedication to peace and progress. And yet, I admired the rest of the World more for having to put up with bad Americans decisions that affected them. For example, I admired how nations of Asia are able to reduce the effects of the financial crisis because we chose to be less greedy.

But I also despise most American foreign policies and maybe some American behavior, although I have nothing against American citizens — even those whose believes and behaviors have cause great difficulties around the world.

Clinton once brought some hope because he tried to befriend the World and you can see his legacy today, especially better relations with China and incidentally with the rest of Asia. But he did opened up the financial market and look where we are today. George Bush, just like his father before him, killed the hope — getting involved in two wars at the same time and allowing the financial crisis to worsen. But it was the Americans who chose him twice, whether they regret it today or not.

Now there’s a new hope for America. But not only Americans are hoping for a better future when they chose Barrack Obama. The rest of the World are hoping too, and in silence we can only pray for the American wisdom to prevail. Events from America ripples throughout the World and yet we cannot vote, cannot choose as Americans can. Some of American policies will remain the same but hopefully with a President that can identify with the rest of the World, maybe some things will be better.

The Americans have made their choice. A choice I believe is shared by many of us who has no right to vote in America but are as deeply affected by American policies. Let us hope and pray now that all of us, Americans and non-Americans alike, have made the right choice, or the right prayer.

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well, let’s hope that he is not like one of the bozos from the past…

Hello Universal Cynic, I wondered who are you my friend. Thank you for rolling in my blog.

Mr Obama? Congratulation to the man, at least now I am convinced that the US is really serious in democracy and equality.

Yeah Obama won, good. But poor guy, he succeeded a sickly nation, thus it is up to him now to clean up the mess. I tough job, I believe.

The American politics is very dynamic, the people are not afraid to change. Unlike us here, we are still hesitant to have a paradigm shift, we tend to have faith in rotten politicians. I wonder what are we looking for actually? This budaya ‘tak pe lah’ must be scrapped off if we are to achive our goals for Vision 2020.

When you think about it, all races in the US adopt the US culture and mostly speak the same language – the only differences among them are their skin color and community background.

In Malaysia, the Chinese and Indians maintain their racial identities and languages. We have much less in common than between a white and a black in the US.

And yet we have all races represented in the government, more than the US had ever had for hundreds of years. Well, we have more leaders from non-majority races in Malaysia since Independence, much better than the US.

If one day the races that were historically immigrants are to adapt the culture of the indigenous inhabitants and we have more in common, we can be way better than the US.

This is what I wonder about… The non-indigenous races are not ready to adapt but are asking for more than even the indigenous people get of the economic pie? I think Malaysia politicians are playing the racial cards too much because the man on the street have actually adapted.

Syamsulfaiz… ko ni Along, ko tak tengok ke alamat website ni… cuba ko teka sapa? Hahahaha.

HAhaha Universal Cynic now I know who you are. Kalau syafril the IT techies…musti cha’in kan?

Hahaha.. tau pun ko Along… Biasa la, aku kan peminat Bad Religion..

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