Unbelievably corrupt and totally unrepentant. Stupidity personified.

I don’t mean "corrupt" as in "taking bribes". That’s just an allegation and the court must prove that. What I mean is "corrupt" as in "morally, religiously, and socially despicable". And yet he had the cheek to go and complaint to the religious department… He needs his head checked.

“What is important is we did not ask for the women. He supplied them to us. If people sedekah (give), don’t you want to accept the sedekah?”

Zul said he filed the complaint with the religious department after his name was mentioned in a written statement of businessman Fairul Azrim Ismail to the department.

Read full news article at The Star Online

What?!!! I mean "what?!!!!". I really mean "what!!!!!!!?" No, you bloody fool! What is important is that you took the women whether you ask for them or not!!! So, if someone gave you the death sentence as sadaqah, would you accept it? Stupidity at its highest level.

Where did this guy learn about "sedekah" (sadaqah)? People can give you women as sadaqah for extra-marital sex? You won’t even start to question his moral integrity instead you begin to wonder was he raised by apes? Even apes don’t give their females as sadaqah!!

I think the religious department should just charge this Zul person for defaming Islam. A Muslim cannot even give stolen items as sadaqah, what more women for sex! Since he said he accepted the so called sadaqah, he implied he had sex with the ‘sadaqah’. That’s against the Islamic law to which is under the jurisdiction of the religious department.

Syed Hamid Albar, I think if you can put Raja Petra under ISA for saying something that defame Islam, although it was not so clear, then you should put this stupid Zul under ISA for the rest of his life for defaming Islam in such clear words. He is also too stupid to be left roaming around the country – he’s a threat to national sanity!

I wonder how he got selected as a state councilor in a state where the chief minister is from PAS. Nizar, what were you thinking?

Sure… maybe it’s a setup. Maybe. But that’s only on the corruption side… However, the statement that the women are "sadaqah" is just too much. That’s not corruption anymore… that’s a person who is morally corrupt, totally unrepentant, have no regards for his religion, no sensitivity towards other Muslims, defames Islam, and pelopor ajaran sesat (deviant teacher). He even defames Malaysia! Now everyone would think that in the Malaysia culture, women can be given as sadaqah!

Based on all these, he should have been shot in the head with a water cannon. Figuratively speaking, of course…. I do not condone violence but I really feel like hitting this guy on the head as hard as I can without actually killing him. And to hit it again when he regained consciousness… over and over again for the rest of his life (or until I don’t feel like it anymore, whichever comes first).

Alas, I don’t condone violence so I won’t do that and no one else should. Maybe someone can create a video game so we can do it virtually.

Since it’s Ramadhan, let’s pray that Allah open his heart and mind to see the truth. If he just won’t open, then may he be left out in the open for the vultures of society to pick on him because he’s just social trash.

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What the hell??? Those people are becoming more and more insane each day…stupid is not even close to describe this guy…patut kena rejam je smp mati…

Itulah reformasi namanya, reformasi dalam bidang zina.

Aku mahukan perubahan.
Tapi aku tak mahu perubahan dari
sekular yang buruk kepada sekular yang kurang buruk.

Aku tak mahu reformasi yang
mengharamkan rasuah tetapi menghalalkan zina
menegakkan keadilan tetapi membelakangkan kebenaran
atas dasar nafsu duniawi.

Aku mahukan revolusi Islam
yang menolak kejahilan dan melawan kebatilan
yang meletakkan yang hak pada yang hak
atas dasar hak yang hakiki.

[…] up with yesterday’s post, here’s what I can deduce from today’s news […]

Knapa xde komen pun dr tuan penasihat atau puan presiden?

Tuan penasihat dah malu dah. Udah le 16 Sept tak jadi… Ada la pulak ahli-ahli yang rupanya je cam manusia, tapi perangai… setan pun tabik, rasanya.
Penyokong kuat je la rasanya akan stay berharap. Rakyat biasa cam kita ni mesti dah teragak2 dah nak invest emosi kat depa. Dah tak berharap.
Lebih baik buat bajet, cari cara nak kurangkan kos kehidupan, dan lebih berusaha.
The time for ‘hope’ is over. It’s now time to pray, plan, and execute.

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