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Resolving the Nokia 6710 Navigator Zooming Problem

If you use the Nokia 6710 Navigator, most probably you will be having the zooming problem unless you are one of the lucky few. The zoom bar registers keystrokes randomly even though you are not touching the zoom area at all. This causes key and phone lockup. When using applications that support the zoom bar, […]

Of Knowledge and Doubts

Tell me about knowledge and doubts. An expert is the one who knows enough about a subject to be able to tell beyond doubt when he has reached the limit of his expertise. A knowledgeable person knows when he must seek expert advice to clear his doubts. A fool, on the other hand, will tell […]

XMetaL 5.5 (SP1) DITA and Windows 7

I use XMetaL Author Enterprise for my work. We use a customized DITA Open Toolkit. With XMetaL, the customized files are placed in the Common Files folder under the XMetal Shared folder. These files get updated from our version control system. Once there are updates, sometimes I need to make changes such as changing product […]

Installing Windows 7 on the Lenovo 3000 Y410

[UPDATE: Forget Windows 7. Upgrade to Windows 10 for free while you still can! Installing Windows 10 on the Lenovo 3000 Y410.] There’s an update to this article below. I’ll write a full update later but for now, I think you can get the general idea from the short take. Lenovo does not officially support […]

Masalah Melayu Yang Tidak Istimewa

Terlalu banyak perbincangan tentang hak Melayu akhir-akhir ini. Di sebelah pihak, orang bukan Melayu meminta kesamarataan. Di satu pihak lagi, orang Melayu mempertahankan sebab-sebab mengapa keistimewaan Melayu harus dipelihara dengan Dasar Ekonomi Baru (yang sudah tidak baru lagi). Memang benar orang Melayu itu perlu diberi sedikit keistimewaannya supaya dia tidak terlalu kecil hati kehilangan sebahagian […]

Linux Mint 7 on Lenovo 3000 Y410

I’ve just installed Mint 7 on my Lenovo, dual-booting with Windows XP Pro. Hit a few snatch and had to install twice as I am using Acronis True Image 11 with the Startup Recovery option. First of all, if you have Startup Recovery of True Image too, don’t install Grub on the MBR. Grub will […]

No master pages in Xara Xtreme? Use repeated objects.

Xara Xtreme Pro is a vector illustration application similar to Adobe Illustrator. The last Illustrator version I really used was version 9. When it became CS, it’s too heavy on my AMD machine. It’s worst on my notebook back then… half an hour to open an illustration for a 2 meter bunting! Which led me […]

Got Bored and Took an IQ Test…

The result: – Free IQ Test