Malaysia 12th General Election: Unbelievable Wave of Change Hits North

As of 4.15am today, it seems Barison Nasional (BN), the ruling coalition, has lost in Kedah, Penang, and Kelantan. Although BN has won the rights to form the Federal Government, they have lost the ability to form 2/3 majority as the opposition has already officially won 75 parliament seats as of now.

Kelantan has been PAS stronghold for some time so it’s expected that they would win. What is not expected is for BN to win only 6 seats from the 22 they held before! It’s hard to believe.

And up north, the results are totally unbelievable! BN lost Penang for the first time. DAP, a single party, won 19 seats as opposed to 11 seats won by BN, a coalition party. I am originally from Bukit Mertajam, Penang. DAP won big there.

So, now I am just like those originally from Kelantan – we are now from states controlled by the federal-level opposition!

Update: By 4.45am, the official tally is that BN also LOST Perak and Selangor!!! So now, if you look at the map of Malaysia, the states of Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak, and Selangor are part of a contiguous block and that’s almost half of the Peninsular! Who would have thought that BN would lose in Selangor!!!!!

Maybe now that the (previously) opposition is the government of Selangor, they can start unravelling exactly how much land in Selangor does Khir Toyo (and maybe even Muhammad Taib) owns? I don’t think Khir Toyo thinks he is invulnerable but even if he looses and BN wins, whatever secrets he has will be relatively safe (I don’t know if there are any secrets but there are rumours aplenty).

But now that BN actually lost in Selangor, maybe we can get some truth out, eh? Unless of course, the opposition (now the government) has similar plans to exploit the state… which is not entirely impossible… they’re politicions (and businessmen) too.

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well, fellow bloggers, let us stay relaxed over this issue b.cos in the following months DS Anwar & fellow B.Rakyat leaders have more urgent and pressing matters to attend to. We hv waited 50 years, now things will definitely improve. Meanwhile just let ” them ” hide, we seek ” them ” out later.

garfield city, I agree. Matters of state and the people are more important. And of course, with power, comes responsibilities… and power tussles… hmm. Human nature.
The people, for once, chose B.Rakyat, whether they believe the promises or not. So now it’s time to make them believe by delivering. And once everything’s settled and things starts to improve for at least the five states, let’s go hunting.

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