Love, Inc.-The Iron Fortress

I am particularly proud of this new song. Took me quite some time to record and mix.

Love, Inc.-In the Shadows of the Deep

Listening to some of the favorite bands of my youth brought me back to the old days. Picked up the guitars and recorded a new song. I experimented with effects I’ve never used before. Enjoy.

Love, Inc.-The Long Ride Home

Finished a new song today.

We’ve been waiting to be able to cross borders and go visit parents, family, and friends. Several times already, it felt like the border would open but they did not. Let’s hope this time it’s fo real. It’s been a long rider home.

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Everything that happens, happens for at least one reason that every so often alludes us. When someone does an unreasonable thing, oftentimes it is because the person is unreasonable. This could be due to upbringing, society, education, or just unreasonable genetic codes. Pondering the reason will get us almost somewhere - specifically: nowhere.

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