Installing Windows 7 SP1 on the Lenovo 3000 Y410 — 2012 Update

[UPDATE: Forget Windows 7. Upgrade to Windows 10 for free while you still can! Installing Windows 10 on the Lenovo 3000 Y410.]

I wrote in 2009 how to install Windows 7 on the Lenovo 3000 Y410 in this article here. Over the years, I haven’t had to reinstall until last week. With the changes in drivers support and Windows 7 Service Pack 1, the installation has changed a bit. After several tries, I now document the steps for your convenience.

Windows 7 is best installed on the Lenovo 3000 Y410 from a USB stick. The DVD drive is unreliable, or as in my case, not working anymore. Follow the steps in Creating Windows 7 Bootable USB Key Installer.

Plug in the bootable USB into the Lenovo 3000 Y410 and boot the notebook. While it is booting, press the F12 key and select to boot from the USB key.

Install Windows 7 as a new installation, deleting everything on your hard disk. On the first boot after installation, set up your Internet connection. Set Windows Update to automatically download and install all updates. Let Windows Update run for a while and restart when asked. Repeat several times until you have almost all drivers installed. You can check by right-clicking the Computer icon in the Start Menu, and selecting Manage. In the management window, expand the Device Manager. If you have all drivers except four “Base system devices”, then you’re ready for the next step.

Download the latest Windows Vista drivers for only the 4 items below from Lenovo’s website. Do not install any other drivers!

  • Audio drivers (The one installed by Windows have no sound at the speakers): If your variant (like mine, model 7757) has Realtek HD Audio, download this: LN1AUD31WW3.exe. If your variant has Conexant Audio, download this: LN2AUD3WW3.exe.
  • Ricoh Card Reader: LN1CAR29WW3.exe.
  • EnergyCut application for keyboard buttons and energy management: LN1EGC29WW3.exe.
  • ALPS touchpad (optional — if you want extra functions like buttons configuration): LN1THP30WW3.exe.

Reboot every time asked by the driver installers. Use Windows Update to keep on checking for updates over and over again. Make sure you install important as well as optional updates (except the language packs — choose what you want). Repeat until you get the Service Pack 1 update (if your ISO image is not SP1). Then, update some more until there are no more updates.

These steps are much easier than the previous one. Windows 7 takes care of most drivers except the audio, card reader, and special keyboard buttons.

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Reader Comments

Me too directly from Lenovo. Do you have any sound disrittoon when using your headphones? I plug mine in and I can hear the HDD spinning. If I turn up the volume it goes away. However, when I use a USB Drive and play sound through the headphone jack the disrittoon/feedback is really noticeable and won’t go away.

First of all I want to say thank you for your enfort to post all this informations and advices.
What I can say about my very recent experience is, no body should be worried to install the windows 7 this days…

I manage to install the windows 7 Home Premium 64Bits and everything went alright…
On the very first restart the screen went full black and when HD activity went to ZERO, I just did a Hard shutdown (Held the power button), when turned on, the computer started normaly, finished the pre instalation, did all uptades and everything is working fine.

Regarding to the Sound: Just go to Realtek website and download the (64bit_Vista_Win7_Win8_R270.exe) respectivelly to your Win Version.
Sound is working like a charm now.

Did the download of ALPS for touchpad, directly on the Lenovo’s website, searching by ALPS instead of looking for product specific.

Windows update is handling the other drivers itself… so far no issues.

Thank you again !
Have fun!

My model is 7757. I tried installing realtek HD audio drivers but it gives problem while installing. An error occurs stating it’s failed. So currently sound drive is not working.

I can’t thank you enough for posting thezs drivers. I updated a Y410 7757 to W7 64 several years ago and lost the audio–I have RealTek too. Tonight you fixed me–audio is working fine. The ALPS touchpad driver won’t install–it tells me I need to be running 64 which of course I am. But all devices are working.

Thanks very much for your tip ! I recently upgraded my Y410 (7757) to Windows 7 (64), and found that audio wasn’t working. After installing the Realtek 64 bit drivers, they now work fine.

thank u very much ^^

how about the intel display driver? thats automatically included?

The Intel display driver will be installed by Windows Update. You may have to let it update and restart a few times, though.

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