Synergy in Ubuntu 8.10 Lag Problem

Synergy in my spiffy new Ubuntu 8.10 lags when connected to my Windows XP desktop. I don’t have any problems when I am using the Synergy in Windows XP on the same notebook and the same wireless connection.

I read in the Hardy Heron forums that the lagging problem can be worked around by starting the Synergy client as root. Tried that and it was smooth. However, I don’t think using root is right. Instead, I enabled the “Use relative mouse moves” option in my Synergy server on Windows XP and started the Synergy client on Ubuntu normally. No more lagging!

Well, I thought that was the answer. However, I later started the Synergy server on Windows XP without that option and started the Synergy client in Ubuntu as a normal user. Guess what… it’s smooth.

Now, I think that once you start the Synergy client in Ubuntu as root (sudo synergyc <servername>) then it’ll be ok afterwards to use it as a normal user. I’ll have to confirm that later when I restart Ubuntu if that effect will stay.

The problem for me is that I actually want to use my Ubuntu notebook as the main. I like the Lenovo keyboard better and that means I can store away the desktop keyboard and mouse. Well, maybe they’ll come up with a fix because I don’t know how to fix it myself.

So now I’m stuck with using this unwieldy HP desktop keyboard (I make a lot of typing mistakes…). Hey, the Lenovo notebook keyboard is even better than a desktop keyboard (except for the less-than-thoughtful Home and End keys).

What to do… swing around for real typing, then.

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synergy ni software ape ek? baru abih donlod ubuntu 8.10.. blum install lagi.

Synergy can be used to share the mouse and keyboard of one PC with the other PC. Useful when you have two PCs next to each other and you don’t want to use the same keyboard and mouse. It works through the network. Either PC can be the client or server. Basically, the “server” is the one that takes the mouse and keyboard input and the “client” is the one that receives the input. When you move the mouse to the screen of one of the PC, the mouse and keyboard input will be directed there.

Saja tulih omputih, untuk pelawat yang tak reti cakap Melayu.

I ran into this exact problem before (Server on Windows, client on Ubuntu) and solved it with sudo.

I don’t think it is the most elegant of solutions, but it works.

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