The poor gets poorer. The middle-class now gets to join them.

This has just been reported in the New Straits Times:

BREAKING NEWS: Petrol will be RM2.70 a litre at midnight tonight
PUTRAJAYA, Wed: The new price of petrol is RM2.70 per litre beginning midnight tonight, it was announced a moment ago by Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad. [Read full news]

wordcloud_The poor gets poorer. The middle-class now gets to join themMan… RM2.70 per liter! That means my RM350 fuel budget just shot up to RM500 a month. I’d take public transport if I can (for environmental concerns, and also for getting nice time to read) but there aren’t any! None! Zilch! At least not where I live… I’d have to walk 3 km to the nearest LRT station for that – through a jungle reserve!

Or I can walk by the roadside for 7km – one-third of the way to my destination already – which would take 1 hour. Then, wait about an hour for enough space to squeeze into the LRT (sweating and all), and take the LRT journey halfway for another 45 minutes. Then, hop into the next LRT after waiting another 30 minutes, and reach the office in another 15 minutes. All in all, that would take 3 and a half hours. Since I need to have breakfast before work, I’d have to arrive by 8am as office starts at 9am. Which means I’d have to start from my house at 4.30am – which is impossible given that it’s so dark (no lights and no police) and full of criminals (illegal immigrants).

3 and a half hours to reach the office and another 3 and a half to reach home. 7 hours on the road. 9 hours in the office. One hour staying late at the office. 17 hours out of the house – leaves me  just 7 hours for dinner, sleep, bathing, etc. etc. Since preparing and eating dinner means 1 and a half hours, and all household chores another 3 hours, I’d  have another 2.5 hours left. However, since I’d need 1 hour to wake up, bath, and be ready for office, I’d have only 1 and a half hours to sleep.

Considering that it’d take half an hour to actually fall asleep and another half an hour to go fully awake… I’d have half an hour to actually sleep. And since it’d take half an hour into actual sleep before the brain really get to sleep… huh… I’d be trying to wake up before I am even fully asleep! And after that 7 hours of travel… that ain’t enough!

Which means that unless the government really consider upgrading the public transport system first – and come up with proper laws on market competition – removing the fuel subsidy will probably produce an insomniac nation of poor people – while the rich, having to face higher costs themselves, will probably not increase our salary anymore and we end up getting poorer.

I’m not poor, you say? Well, define poor. We struggle enough to survive everyday with low income, high inflation, market collusion (yeah… they always get away with it in this country – they are friends with high people anyway), and all those price fixing scandals…

One thing the government should have done first: CUT THE SPENDING ON UNNECESSARY EVENTS! Sure, the national sport is important – but with the current budget, can’t it be canceled? Who needs sports and entertainment when there’s not enough money to eat? I mean, they can pay RM200 for a screwdriver set but can’t cut spending a bit to help the people?

Nice government, we have. Really caring about the people. Cut the subsidies on fuel and let the prices soar on all necessary stuff. Let the businesses colludes, hoard, create artificial shortage, speculate prices, and be rich. Don’t mind coming up with a legal framework first. Don’t bother about the public transport infrastructure first. Don’t bother about the prices or minimum wage yet. Really caring.

Really caring…

Oh… how I wish that there’s another general election next month – not another four years. You’d see who’d be the opposition then – that is if they manage to get even a seat.

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Reader Comments

seriously, i agree!!! ada jugak bangang yg compare harga minyak msia dgn norway…norway punya minyak berlambak kat north sea nuuu, and depa punya income purata 30k kroner sebulan (rm1 = kr1.7) so apa la sgt seliter minyak cost 12 kroner…lagipun kat norway ni harga minyak berubah2 tiap2 hari and tiap stesen minyak ada harga dia sendiri so buleh pilih la yg mana murah, kita pi la..bila minyak murah, kita isi penuh..usually weekends minyak murah, so org pi la isi…

and satu lg…suruh naik basikal p kerja..adoi la, otak mana taruh, panas mcm gila nak suruh naik basikal..kat europe buleh la summer depa naik basikal,walaupun panas, angin sejuk dan x la sepanas msia… even laki aku pun kkdg naik basikal..then smp tmpt kerja ada shower, buleh mandi b4 start keja…mau pitam kalau kita kayuh basikal tgh2 panas kat msia tercinta ni…menteri2 ckp senang la.depa ada kreta rasmi, ada driver…apa depa tau??patut depa tu naik basikal dulu, paklah jd kepala rombongan, najib ikut kat blakang..pakat2 kayuh pi putrajaya nu…mari kita tgk sapa yg kenaaaaa….

Hehehe, menteri-menteri kita bukan takat tak larat nak naik basikal, kereta rasmi tu pun kalau boleh nak parking sampai dalam dapur – sedekat-dekat mungkin dengan pintu masuk. Kalau kereta tu boleh masuk lif mesti drebar tu kena bawa sampai depan meja menteri. Jalan sikit tu pun tak mau, inikan pula naik basikal.
Bukan menteri saja… hampir seluruh rakyat. At least Pak Lah naik la juga komuter dengan LRT tu sekali. Bagus la juga. Tu pun dah marah. Cuba naik tiap-tiap hari tengok – mau dia tarik balik lesen LRT dari RapidKL tanpa perbincangan lanjut!

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