Installing Windows 7 on the Lenovo 3000 Y410

[UPDATE: Forget Windows 7. Upgrade to Windows 10 for free while you still can! Installing Windows 10 on the Lenovo 3000 Y410.]

There’s an update to this article below. I’ll write a full update later but for now, I think you can get the general idea from the short take.

Lenovo does not officially support Windows 7 on the Lenovo 3000 Y410. However, you can get all devices to work without much problems. Here’s how.

  1. Backup your files somewhere and prepare to install Windows 7. Since the DVD drive of Y410 is not that reliable (based on Lenovo support forum as well as my own experience: it works some times, but mostly it doesn’t), you’re better off installing from USB. To do this, get an ISO image of the Windows 7 DVD (if you’re downloading from torrents instead of Microsoft Store, be sure to verify the image). Then, download, install, and use the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to create a bootable Windows 7 Installer USB.
  2. With the prepared USB in the drive, reboot your Lenovo Y410. During the POST message while booting, press F12 and select to boot from the USB drive.
  3. Install Windows 7. Very straightforward. Just a few clicks and not more than half an hour, your Windows 7 should be ready to use. The USB installation method is faster than DVD, by the way.

Now, it’s time to configure hardware. On start up, the Wireless works but there are several missing devices. You’ll need a working Internet connection to perform the following steps.

  1. Connect to the Internet and let Windows run some updates. It will get all your drivers for you except one.
  2. Once Windows finish updating, shutdown your notebook to let Windows install the updates.
  3. After reboot, click the Windows Logo (start button), and select Devices and Printers.
  4. In there, right click the notebook icon (whatever name you gave your notebook) and select Troubleshoot. Let Windows solve the issue. It will find that your Power Management driver is missing. A window will show up. In there, click to download driver from Lenovo. Save and run the driver. This will give you the Energy Cut and hotkeys driver so you can turn on camera and bluetooth.
  5. Once the driver’s installed, press FN+ESC to turn on the camera. Windows will automatically connect and download the camera driver.
  6. For bluetooth, head on to Lenovo Support download and get the Chipset driver for Vista. Install it. Then, get the sound card driver for Vista and install it. Use FN+F6 to enable bluetooth. Windows will automatically download and install bluetooth drivers for you. You can’t actually install the Bluetooth drivers provided by Lenovo before installing the Chipset and Sound drivers.
  7. Once you have Bluetooth enabled, install the Bluetooth driver for Vista from Lenovo. This will add some missing drivers. You can connect a bluetooth device and Windows will add more drivers as needed. If something’s missing, use Vista drivers if you can’t find Windows 7 drivers.
  8. Now your Lenovo 3000 Y410 is all geared up with Windows 7! Be sure to install antivirus before you venture out to the Internet.

I had trouble with the Wireless sometimes. It was OK at first but after some Windows updates, it didn’t work. Well, after installing the Chipset and Sound drivers, it’s suddenly working now as I’m writing this. Phew… I thought I had broken the thing! By the way, mine is the Intel Wireless, not the Broadcom one… check which one Lenovo put in your Y410.

If you use the touchpad and would like to customize the buttons, scrolling, etc, install the ALPS touchpad driver for Vista. You can get this from Lenovo’s support download. It works perfectly.

If you’re still hesitant, let me tell you this: Windows 7 on Lenovo 3000 Y410 is better than XP. It’s faster and more responsive. It starts in less than a minute. It hibernates perfectly and wow… was I amazed at how fast it resumes frolm hibernation! Less than 10 seconds!

And of course, it will always be way better than Vista!

Now, hmm… I wonder if my XP trick will still work to disable the Caps Lock key.

Update: The built-in microphone is not picking up well. You’ll need to boost up the reception. See my answer to a question asked by a reader in the comments section for details.

More update: Thanks to ryanrudolf, every keys on the Lenovo Y410 can now work. Here I quote his comments:

“Multimedia buttons on the upper left (CD Player On/Play/Stop etc on the upper left) works fine on my system, IF windows media player is already open. If not, it does nothing.”

“All the buttons on my y410 are now working. I installed the ezbutton package on the lenovo support website. It should be installed in Compatibilty Mode Vista.”

Now that we can get everything to work on the Lenovo Y410 with Windows 7, let’s enjoy a better Y410 without having to upgrade the hardware! Although, I must say, I really like the specs on the new Y450… If only I have the cash he he.

Update as of 10 May 2010

I’ve finally formatted my Y410 and reinstalled Windows 7. It seems that things have changed a bit. I’ll write a new step by step guide later when I have the time but for now, here’s a short take.

After installing Windows 7, let it update over the net. After all updates, reboot the notebook. Then, install the Ricoh Multimedia Card Vista driver from Lenovo. That should take care of the unidentified hardware. Then, install the Lenovo Energy Cut driver. For sound, you will need to install HDA sound drivers downloaded from Realtek’s website. That’s all: Three drivers.

You can also install the Alps Touchpad driver from Lenovo. This should make it easier to configure the touchpad… only if you want to customize it, though (I did). If you like the Multimedia buttons to work (the Play/Pause, Stop, Forward, Rewind buttons), install the Lenovo EzButton drivers using Vista Compatibility mode (I don’t use the buttons so I didn’t install the drivers).

After reboot, run Windows Update again and you’ll probably have an update to Lenovo power management driver. Install it.

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Reader Comments

Try let Windows 7 update first completely. You may need to try update several times until there are no more updates. Also, try to use generic drivers from Realtek instead of from Lenovo.

I’ve been using XP on Lenovo Y410, and now upgraded to Windows Seven, and just like other people, it was the drivers problem.

I’ve tried the instructions on this page by installing the Vista drivers, but still the sound didn’t works, neither the bluetooth can’t be activated by Vista driver, it tells me that the bluetooth device is not detected on my laptop.

So when I started thinking of going back to XP, I was wondering what would happen if I install the XP drivers, and you now what….
the result is…

Hey! Good idea! I’m thinking of formatting and reinstalling Windows 7. Maybe I can try it out if sound and bluetooth didn’t work.
Hmm… maybe in the past, I actually used XP drivers? Or maybe the “Vista” drivers were actually XP drivers… you know, some manufacturers since their XP drivers work in Vista, just label them Vista. But somehow updated them to real Vista drivers and then they don’t work anymore in Windows 7.

Vortex, can you confirm that they work in native mode or in some XPish mode (I don’t know… just like when XP can use Win98 VXD drivers but not at optimal performance).

I’ve formatted my Y410 and tried my installation steps again. Seems that there’s a change. When I troubleshoot (Step 4), Windows 7 did not present the option to download from Lenovo. Sigh… Maybe because it didn’t realize that the Base device is the Power Management stuff. Guess I’ll have to download the base device drivers from Lenovo.

Update: I now realized that the “base devices” are the Ricoh Memory Stick and SD/MMC controllers.

i just installed windows 7 and followed the comments here to install sound card drivers. without trying any drivres from the CD whihc i got with my laptop i downloaded latest sound driver from realtek, while installing it gave the errors, everytime i clicked on “Continue anyway option” bt it didnt installed anyting. then i tried installing the drivre from lenovo’s cd and phew its working now.

can you tell me what the wlan driver is &
where to download it?

You can download from Lenovo’s support site. Search it. As for which wireless LAN adapter, you’ll have to check whether your model uses the Intel or the Broadcom wireless LAN.

It will be easy if u provide with all the necessary links to download all the drivers discussed above. provide links next to respective driver discussion. thanks.

The drivers are on Lenovo’s support site. Just go to, select your country, then click support. Which link you’ll get depends on the country, and the exact model number of your Ideapad (see back of notebook).

Hi Universal Cynic..
thanx for your endless help..i am a lenovo y410 owner.i followed your steps and installed Windows 7 perfectly all my drivers are working perfectly except my web cam.plz plz plz..i request you to guide me for the same concern..i tried fn+esc it showed on the screen web cam i dnt knw how to use it further..plz help me…
by the way thanx a lot for guiding me till here.
take care
god bless u

Hi akshay. Sorry for my late reply, quite busy the past few weeks.

You know what, I was just as confused how to use the webcam last time because Lenovo didn’t provide any software… because no software is needed for Windows XP :). In Windows XP, you can just browse to My Computer and you can see the webcam there. You can then use it to take pictures. But in Windows 7, you don’t have that. However, if you want to test if the webcam works, you can see from the MSN Live Messenger (which also do not come with Windows 7 but freely available from

You can also try several free webcam software. These are web-based software so you can play withthe webcam without installing the software:,, and If you want downloadable software, you can try this:

Most of the time, you’d probably use the webcam for video chat, right? You can do that from Windows/MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, or from Google Video Chat. I don’t have my Windows 7 notebook right now but maybe you can check if MS Paint can capture image from a webcam? It can capture from a scanner.

I installed the windows 7. Two Problems
1. Sound driver is not working.
2. Intel Chipset 965 Express Family is not getting loaded.

I went to realtek site, but got confused which drivers to download. Same with Chipset.i went to Intel site and got confused. Can you please provide the exact link. I am trying since last 48 hours and almost frustrated. thanks in advance bro.

Hi, i installed windows 7 and am facing 2 driver problems : 1. Chipset not getting installed and 2. Audio driver. I bought Driver Genius and ran the same on my PC..even that was not able to upload the audio drivers. Can you tell me the link on realtek for the drivers. I got confused on the realtek website.
thanks in advance.

Hi Upen,

For the chipset driver, just update Windows 7 using the built-in Windows Updater. Check also in the optional updates.
For the Realtek drivers, you need the HDA drivers now. Download the first option here:

i m upgrading frm windows xp to windows 7…i have created bootable windows 7 in my pendrive, but when i try to install it, it shows drivers not found, nd i cannot complete the installation…pls advise me on what to do…

may i ask why after i format my lenovo the wireless is not working.even after i [push the on off button it doesnt show any sign..plz help.

i think this will help thank you for being so kind and took your time to share this information with us….. 🙂 thank you very much

hey universal….

yey yey… thanks so much for your guidance.. my Y410 can be used again now… I moved from vista to 7, and I was searching why my sound didn’t work… but when I read you steps.. then I knew I wasn’t aware at first that my Bluetooth and camera didn’t work too.
All’s working great now because of you… thanks in a million… gbu

Hi, I am using Y410 with intel wireless. When i install my Win7. The sound is not working and i thought there might be something to do with BIOS, so i flash with the BIOS for vista i get from lenovo site. Now, both my sound n wireless not working anymore and I lost the original BIOS backup. Is there anyone having the dafault BIOS or any workable BIOS ? please send to thanks a lot

i have formatted my friend’s lenovo y410 and pu w7 in others are working wel except sound.i need ur help to replace the audio driver..friends please help me 4 dat…send the link or file to my id

Hi, I should have read your website and post earlier. Just sent my laptop to workshop just now. Argh and they are going to charge me RM60 just to reformat. And I thought it was my driver problems… Gawd~~


I have installed W7 on my Y410. Was trying out the webcam for msn and noticed my mic doesnt work but i have installed the new driver.

Another problem i have encountered, when i turned up my volume there is a very loud feedback sound from the mic. i can hear my typing and even the fan if i put headphones on.

Please help me!

Hi Universal Cynic,

Thanks for your help on the Windows 7 installation on Y410. I tried but faced with a problem with the DVD ROM. My machine came with Optairc 7640A DVD ROM. When I open Explorer, I cannot see the DVD drive. It appears in Device Manager though. When I insert any program in CD ROM, I hsve no issue, however when I try to install any program in DVD, the DVD ROM take it as a blank disk. Can you help on this please? Thanks!



You don’t see the DVD drive because Windows 7 by default hides empty removable drives.
As for the DVD showing blank, that’s a hardware problem in the Y410. I have a lot of trouble trying to read DVDs… I end up only burning data to CDs… and even for that, I don’t anymore because there’s almost always burn failure… I’d waste 7 CDs before I can get one that it can read back what it burned. My advice, go buy an external USB DVD drive. I would have done that myself at first, until I realized I don’t need DVDs anymore…

I don’t have a link. But you can get the HD audio drivers as I described in the article.

For the feedback, you have to turn off the mic input using the Windows volume control.

After upgrade my IEEE 1394 port is not working. The device is not getting detected. Can someone help me. Thanks in advance.

I upgraded my lenovo y410 from win vista to win 7 ultimate. Bt ever since i upgraded it there is an issue with the audio.Actually at first there was no sound bt aftr installing realtek drivers it was fixed.The sound was back. But there is a crackling/distorted sound from the subwoofer(beneath the laptop) which makes the overall listening experience disgusting.plz help me out with this problem. How can it be fixed??

The subwoofer does not work in Windows 7. I disabled it.

hey i am also owner of lenovo y410 and i am on window xp sp2 and i am planing to upgrade to vista and after to window 7 but i confused what should i do? do i use vista driver on 7 like wifi,bluetooth,audio,display,chipset and other driver or download latest driver from their website. (note):i am not real owner of my laptop because i got it from my relative fully formatted. soo what i doo for w7 tell me ! 🙁

Just upgrade straight to Windows 7, skip Vista. Use the latest drivers on Lenovo website for Y410, which are Vista drivers. Follow the steps in this article. My Y410 is still working fine with the drivers I used here. Also loot at the comments here for info.

[…] wrote in 2009 how to install Windows 7 on the Lenovo 3000 Y410 in this article here. Over the years, I haven’t had to reinstall until last week. With the changes in drivers […]

Thank you very much for making this guide. I used a lot of time before I found this blog!

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This site certainly has all of the info I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know
who to ask.

its me again, lenovo y410 still alive and kicking after all these years. its now upgraded to 500gb hdd, 4gb ram, amd Windows10 64bit

I’m so sorry that I did not realize your comment was in the approval list for so long!

Yes, my Lenovo Y410 is also alive and kicking, and I’ve updated it to Windows 10 32bit. It’s working better than Windows 7. I was on Windows 7 before, but the performance was not that good so I went back to Windows XP. Now that there’s a few days left for the free upgrade to Windows 10, I put back Windows 7 and upgraded (so I’d get the free license, then go back to Windows XP). But I’m loving Windows 10 performance. I’ll write steps for Windows 10 because there are some gotchas with the drivers.

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