Apple Safari Web Browser – Now for Windows!

Apple has just release a public beta of the Safari web browser for Windows!

Go here to download:

First looks

Well, it looks like the Safari on the Mac. It is a bit faster as Apple claimed but I don’t have any hard data. From what I’ve seen, it’s almost as fast as Opera. It’s just like the Safari on Mac with tabbed browsing. Well, nothing to shout about. Maybe I’ll just use it once in a while to test if my web pages can work using the Safari’s rendering engine.

My problem with it is the interface. It’s not so good maximized like any other Windows applications. It behaves like on a Mac, i.e. you are not really expected to maximize the window. Try this: set your taskbar to auto hide, and then maximize the Safari window. When you point your mouse at where you usually point to show the taskbar, it doesn’t show. Safari was designed for the Mac platform and uses the OS X interface design. On a Mac, it’s cool. I love it. But Windows uses a different user interface paradigm and Safari is confusing.

Bottom line, I don’t see any benefit of using Safari on Windows. Opera provides comparable performance and is more geared towards the Windows way of doing things. Hey, Opera is the only original browser where you can open your bookmark menu, go to one of the submenu, and add the page as a book mark there! IE can’t do that, Firefox is like 5 years behind, and Safari… well…

In a Mac, I love Safari. On Windows, well… I’ll stick with Opera 9 and IE7 + IE7Pro, and Firefox for the occasional Firefox only websites.

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