The Knowledge Hunt

No one seeks pain for pain’s sake
Yet here I endure it for gain to rake
Beyond this seething red that I take
Glory awaits, I know ’tis not fake

’tis what I;ve been taught, this raging route
A path to pleasure, turn back I shall not
Through howling wind and the storm it brought
Steadfast and sure, every step I trot

This goal I hold, ’tis neither gem nor gold
Yet priceless it is, a hundred thousands fold
“Be bold”, my masters told, so onwards I roll
I seek it still and I shall pay this toll

Wisdom, they say, is what it brings
A cave of echoes as freedom sings
A ladder to climb above all ceilings
It liberates, they say, but after the stings

’tis not easy, this path I have taken
For all the pleasures that I’ve forsaken
Never stray, masters say, for I’m a student
The journey’s peril will soon be forgotten

“To this, hold fast”, my masters said
“Wrap it around your head, wear it like a braid
Though dread grasps, you must not be afraid
’tis the path, full of thorns sharp as blade”

Thus is the nature of this hunt
Through mountains high and hills blunt
Keep the mind in focus and never grunt
Towards knowledge! Of so far in front

“You will achieve it”, my masters remind
“No matter how hard, this you shall find
Wiser you will be, nourished, your mind
Be smart and work hard! Never resign!”

Universal Cynic
One lonely night at a diner

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