Finally, Vista On My Notebook

Finally, I’ve upgraded to Vista. Held on to XP for some time but I can’t stand that it slows down a lot when there are a lot of files in a folder. Since folders I work on (XML source files) contains thousands of files, that’s just too disruptive.

So, I backed up XP and installed Vista. Then, I test the folder. No slow downs at all! And the integrated search makes finding files easier – although I like the way in Nautilus (Ubuntu) better.

Well, all the myth about Vista and XP. XP may be faster on an older machine but there’s not much performance improvements on a newer more powerful machine. Vista feels slow on an old machine but on a more recent machine, it uses the available resources to the max and works well! Although I must say, my Lenovo notebook feels warmer than when I was using XP. Much warmer. I hope it’s just normal…

To be honest, I love Ubuntu and OpenSUSE… but sometimes I feel sort of like “crowded” when using Ubuntu (OpenSUSE is better). Maybe it’s the brown scheme – I love brown, but not that brown. I just don’t have the time to make up my own theme (used to love doing that back on my Red Hat and Caldera days), and the available themes are just not my taste. So, I find myself using XP more and more and hated when the folder limitation causes slow downs…

So, there goes my plan to skip Vista and upgrade to Windows 7 next year. Well, bye-bye XP. Microsoft didn’t bother to repair that XP folder limitation even with SP3. Here’s to new experience with Vista!

By the way, I’m getting used to Vista and configuring the network makes more sense now…

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