Universal Cynic mostly writes technical documents for a multinational software company. These are documents like user guides, software implementation manuals, online help, and various other rubbish people do not usually read – not even when they’re stuck while using the software.

It’s a well known fact that most people just ask friends, support personnel, or strangers on the web when they can’t figure out how to use the software. The people they refer to, in turn, do not read the documentation too, but learned the software from experience and lots of trials that result in errors and erratic behaviors of those who tried.

The only people who actually read the documentation are those people who have so much time to spend to read them that we can safely conclude that they don’t spend much of it actually using the software. They just love learning the software and publishing more documents on how to use the software. Other people then read these unofficial documents trusting these people more than the documentation writers who have full access to the source code as well as the source code sources.

In the end, what Universal Cynic wrote in his job means nothing to most software users. Yet still he ploughs on day after day working on the same things over and over again. Deep in the mind and universe, there is a reason. Yeah, yeah… the reason does not matter.

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