Google Chrome: The Future Remains in the Near Future

I gave Google Chrome a test-drive yesterday. Cool browser. Really nice idea. Minimalist and well thought out. Very fast too, in starting up as well as browsing. What I like most is its DOM explorer… haha! This is the way it should be! Better than the IE dev toolbar or whatever there is for Firefox3 (none, right?). Just right-click an area and select "Inspect element". Cool! Helped me with a JavaScript DOM project yesterday.


See how the new Yahoo! Mail works flawlessly (unlike in Opera). Felt almost like a desktop app! Drag and drop was perfect! GMail, of course – what do you think?. Even Hotmail, despite the warning, works nicely (only classic version though…).

I was about to make it my default browser until I faced a few problems with Facebook. Seems there’s some JavaScript bugs there. I also find a few features lacking (even for a minimalist browser) such as client masquerading, per-site settings, mouse gestures, filtering & blocking, and the ability to change the skin colors.

If Chrome can have the five I mentioned,  I guess I can make it my primary browser for normal browsing. Opera still rules for heavy research and stuff. Firefox just don’t cut it anymore so I kept it for some problematic sites in Opera (such as the new Yahoo! Mail)… IE7 is still for work and for more problematic sites.

So I guess Opera is still the main browser. Chrome now replaces Firefox as the Yahoo! Mail browser – Firefox 3 is just too slow to start.

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