Rejoice! Opera 9.5 is finally here!

Opera 9.5 - beautifully engineeredWow. It feels like ages have past since I started waiting for Opera 9.5. Ever since trying the beta, I have been feeling such a need for the Opera Link feature where you can synchronize bookmarks and speed dials. Opera has always been the ideal complete browser for me – except for these last few months where it lags behind with the online bookmarks service still in beta, whereas I tried that kind of functionality first in AvantBrowser.

In the mean time, I found Foxmarks, speed dial, and mouse gestures extensions for Firefox and made the move. It’s Foxmarks that’s the deciding factor. At the same time, I use BookmarkBridge to synchronize all my bookmarks across all three browsers. Foxmarks becomes the link for the other two PCs. I also use IE7 Pro in IE to get most of the feature (and then some) that I miss from Opera.

So, now with Opera 9.5 released, bye bye Firefox, I think. We’ll see. Firefox seems pretty nice with all the extensions. I didn’t like Firefox 3 Beta though because I couldn’t make it like Opera. See, my criteria for a good web browser is simple: it can at least be made to emulate Opera in terms of usability. Well, you can surely guess what’s the perfect browser for me…
No more time. The download of Opera 9.5 has just been completed. Time to write has ended. Time to enjoy now begins… Maybe I’ll post a review if I can find the time…

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At first Google Reader didn’t seem to be working on Opera 9.51. But now it’s OK.

BTW I’m using both FF3 and Opera 9.5.

Hi Rizal,
I went the FF3 way for a while but even with all the extensions I put on it, I just can’t make it another Opera. So I use FF3 only for sites where Opera does not work so well (the new Yahoo! Mail, for eg.). Also, another snag with FF3 is the new sqlite bookmarks… bookmarkbridge does not work with it :(.. (hmm, I wonder if someone can write a script that automatically exports FF3 bookmarks to HTML, run bookmarkbrige on it, then empty FF3 bookmarks and import the bookmarks HTML back into FF3. Now, that’d be cool as a temporary measure.

And now with Google Chrome working like a charm for Yahoo! Mail and Google online apps, I find myself using FF3 less – I’ve started FF3 only 2 times last week – and for less than an hour each compared to an average surfing time of 10 hours a day.