Malaysia 12th General Election: BN Denied Two-Third Majority

In order to secure two-third majority, BN must win 148 parliamentary seats, out of 222. As of 4.26am today, the full count is not in yet but the opposition has already officially secured 82 seats, denying BN the two-third majority by 8 seats!

Almost unbelieavable!

And the totally unbeliavable part is that it seems that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), is leading the opposition by now with 31 seats (PAS 23, DAP 28). PKR only had 1 seat before. Read that right: ONE!

I never thought the day would come. BN called PKR irrelevant and think it will loose that 1 parliamentary seat (N44 Permatang Pauh), which it retained with a whopping sway of support from a 50+ majority last time to 13,388 majority this time!

And PKR also got another 30 seats as of now… so, who’s (starting to be) irrelevant now?

I have never had much support or sympathy for PKR before. But this change has caught my attention. If quite a number of people are listening to what they are saying, maybe I should start to hear them out and evaluate what they are saying with more depth.

So who’s gonna be the opposition leader this time? Methink surely it would be Wan Azizah.

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