Resolving the Nokia 6710 Navigator Zooming Problem

If you use the Nokia 6710 Navigator, most probably you will be having the zooming problem unless you are one of the lucky few. The zoom bar registers keystrokes randomly even though you are not touching the zoom area at all. This causes key and phone lockup. When using applications that support the zoom bar, the application zooms in and out randomly and incessantly that it is impossible to use the application. Furthermore, if you’re using Garmin Mobile XT, the keystrokes caused by the zoom bar cause Garmin to initiate search with some useless characters. This makes it impossible to search in Garmin despite the fact that Garmin does not support the zoom bar. Follow the steps in this post to resolve the issues.

Among the symptoms of the zoom bar acting up are:

  • Constant and random zooming in and out while using Web browser, viewing pictures in Gallery, while using the Map, and while taking photos.
  • Keys randomly do not respond due to the keystroke buffer filling up because of random zooming keystrokes.
  • Phone randomly locks up for a while due to the zoom bar acting up.
  • Zooming happens randomly when you press the menu key, the call key, or the left and right shortcut keys.
  • Sometimes the call and menu keys do not respond.

Users have been making a lot of noise in the Nokia forum and elsewhere on the Internet but Nokia does not seem to be bothered. All they need to do is just enable an option in the firmware to disable the zoom bar. Problem solved. All the zoom bar sensitive applications can still perform zoom in and out using the volume keys or other keys on the keypad anyway.

So, how to solve this? Simple. Install MagicKey by Leftup and configure it to remap the keystrokes from the zoom bar to unsupported keys. Problem solved. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Download the MagicKey application. Click here to search it in Google and download from a forum where you have access.
  2. If you do not have a developer certificate, apply one from OPDA. Register and apply for the certificate. Follow the instructions there.
  3. Once you have the certificate, login and upload MagicKey. It will be signed. Download it.
  4. Install MagicKey on your Nokia 6710. Better to install it on the Phone Memory instead of Memory Card so that it will always be there even if you remove the Memory Card.
  5. Once installed, open MagicKey. It is in the Apps > Installat. folder.
  6. In MagicKey, select Options. Then, select Start on Boot. If it is already Not Start On Boot, leave it.
  7. Shut down your phone and then restart it.
  8. Open MagicKey again and navigate to the KeyMap List tab.
  9. Click on Default KeyMap.
  10. Select Click to Add Key Pair.
  11. In the Original key field, type 192 and then in Maps to, type 6.
  12. Select OK.
  13. Select Click to Add Key Pair again.
  14. In the Original key field, type 193 this time. Then in Maps to, again, type 6.
  15. Select OK.
  16. Exit MagicKey and restart your phone.

That should do the trick. If you use Garmin Mobile XT, you may also want to create a specific keymap for it because in Garmin, the camera key also somehow registers keystrokes caused by the zoom bar. I do not know why but if you have that problem, do the following too:

  1. Open MagicKey and navigate to the KeyMap List tab.
  2. Click Options and select Add.
  3. Type a name for the keymap like Garmin Keymap.
  4. Click on the new keymap to open it.
  5. Select Click to Add Key Pair and add three new keypairs one by one namely 192, 193, and 226 all mapped to 6.
  6. Once done, navigate to the App List tab.
  7. Click Options and select Add.
  8. From the list, select GMobile XT. The new app will be added.
  9. In the App List tab, select GMobile XT and click it.
  10. Select the Garmin keymap you created just now.
  11. Exit MagicKey and restart your phone.

You can also do this for other applications if you find some weird keystrokes happening randomly.

The solution reduces the random zooming by a huge magnitude. However, once in a while, it acts up again because MagicKey lost focus or there are just too many random zoom bar keystrokes happening. If that is the case, open MagicKey, make sure that it starts on boot (the menu option will show Not Start on Boot). Then, restart your phone. If after restart there are still some key problems, just open MagicKey so that the daemon loads and then close MagicKey.

There. Your Nokia 6710 should be back to becoming your dream phone – without the zoom bar, though.

Update: I’ve discovered that in Ovi Store and Web, mapping the zoom bar to 6 gives a problem that causes dropdown menus on web pages to dropdown – even when you don’t click it. In fact, it happens continuously that you keep on selecting the option and it drops down again and again — making the web page useless. If you use Web or Ovi Store, better to map the zoom bar to 0 (None). After making that adjustments, I can use Ovi Store properly.

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Reader Comments

great, thanks a Lot, even when i dont have my phone right now (its on nokia center) Im afraid they will not resolve the problem that well and my phone could show this same problem in any moment, , thans a lot

Hi fernando,

If they problem shows up again, try the method. Please report back how it went… I’d like to know if it’s also effective on other 6710s with the problem. Thanks.

It seems to works fine! I was definitively considering my 6710 a pain before your magic tip. Thanks a lot!

Hi Luca,

Good to hear! I’m loving my 6710 now… Especially with the new Ovi Maps and the updated detail maps… much better than Garmin Mobile XT.

Just remember that sometimes, MagicKeys fail. The trick is either to restart the phone or just go open MagicKeys and then exit it. Don’t know why. Maybe a bug.

I followed all the instructions regarding magickey and the sequence and data to input and found it did not work for me. After browsing the Nokia discussion forum found an article by a man in Vietnam and said the number to fill in on the map section is 96 AND NOT SIX AS in the article on this web page. I tried it and works like a charm

Hi Keith,

Good for you that 96 works for you. Didn’t work for me. The thing is it depends on what applications you use most. 96 is the F1 key. Some applications respond to the key. For example, I use Handy Alarm Pro. I can’t use 96 or 6 for that one. I had to map it to 0. Same with Garmin, I can’t map to 0, need to use 6. Since the applications I use most work with mapping to 6, I use that as a default. For some applications where they 6 key is not blocked, I use 0. But I can’t use 0 for default because SMS and Notes will be broken (with the extra char pop-up). So, 6 works for me in general. 96 works for some app. 0 works for others (Web, for example). There’s a lot of trial and errors you need to go through before you find a good map-to for your general daily use.


Thank you for your efforts here. (The Nokia forum page has been hijacked by a clogging spammer ! )

Had enough with Nokia “Care” (NOT) Centre – ready to give Magic Keys a go..

How long does it take to get the “certificate” ?

I think the best key to remap it to is 186 ( operator ) which is non-existent in the 6710.
S0 map 192 and 193 to 186. That should solve the problem without creating any headaches. By the way nice post !

nice post. thanks.

Hi drtezza and Symbian Coder, thanks for visiting.

Yeah… that viithai guy.. urgh. Actually, it was from that forum that I got the idea when someone ask if it’s possible to remap the keys. So I search in Google and found MagicKeys.

About the best key to remap, I tried the 186 key at first. It works somewhat. It does give some problem with Garmin. So, yesterday, I’ve tried several mapping and currently, the best one that works for me is mapping to key 29 (Unknown1D).

After I mapped to that, I can delete all other mappings (except for Garmin since I need it to ignore the Camera key). Now, things work perfectly in all applications. The reason I tried that is because I was having problems in Handy Alarm Pro.

Mapping it to other keys, it still detects the zoom bar when setting the AM/PM of the alarm time. And when I map it to 0 (None), it works but causes problem when entering alarm text. Using 0 also causes problem in other programs where there’s text entry.

When I tried key 29, it works in all programs. Maybe 186 should also work and the reason I had problem in Garmin earlier was due to the camera key. But I tried using default mapping in Garmin (using key 29 but without blocking camera key) and it didn’t work.

Well… ever since the map updates to Ovi Map with lots of new details in the map (even better than user-created Garmin maps!), I don’t need Garmin anymore… so not much of an issue.

drtezza, I think it takes less than 24 hours to get the certificate and key. They are quite fast nowadays. Last time, you need to post your PM your IMEI in their forum… and then wait for a reply in the forum. Now, you can just create account, apply cert, and check back your account in 24 hours.

Tried 29, but automatic zooming happening in Gallery. SO went back to 186. Must be some way to physically remove that zoom bar along with its zoom buttons and throw it in trash !!!

I tried Gallery with 29 and didn’t have any zooming, even when I intentionally use the zoom bar.

But, here’s what I’ve experienced before. When there’s zooming despite the mapping in MagicKeys, I just open and close MagicKeys. It seems that sometimes MagicKeys are closed by the OS… that’s what should happen when resources are low except for system apps.

I don’t know if MagicKeys is run as normal app or system app. But I do know that it doesn’t start on boot, despite the “Start on Boot” setting. Every time I reboot, I just go open and close MagicKeys.

Not a big deal as it’s not like we reboot our phone that many times…

Took me about 2 hrs to get the Certificate. Installed no worries, but wouldnt start on Reboot, so i have to Activate Manually.. Not that its a problem, as i rarely reboot anyway. Took me a bit to work out how to select Add Key Pair. I used the 186 map, which is working just great, although it doesnt allow me to use the Keyboard to Zoom in on Photos. No problem with the Navigator Maps.
Would be nice to to be able use the Zoom on Photos from time to time, but its no Drama.
Wish i had known about this issue before i bought it though..

Hey guys.. I was just wondering if this works for everyone (meaning in Australia) im on the Vodafone network and I’ve only had my 6710 navigator for 3 months and it had started doing this in the last month..
I took my phone to Vodafone and they said if it gets sent away to be fixed I have to pay for it. Which im not going to coz it the phone that’s stuffed and I didn’t do anything to my phone to make it this way.

I’ve looked on alot of forums and have seen that most people have this problem.I just want my phone fixed so I can use it properly. I hope this works.

It didnt work for me..

Don’t give up, Jazmyn.

MagicKeys does work, with occasional non-clicking keys the only persisting gripe, i.e. its HEAPS better than the Nokia “fixed” version.

I need to open the program on boot-up (setting doesn’t work), but I’ve put it as the first application on the menu bar (hope those terms are close enough for all to know what I mean), so it only takes one click to open MagicKeys and then two clicks to return to standby screen, and then I can use Maps and Camera and Web without the zooming-in-and-out crap.

My main residual problem ? That Nokia can get away with this. I am very VERY unhappy with their approach to this defective product.

I purchased two 6710′s in December ’09 (one defective, the other perfect) and because I bought them outright I have had to endure TEN visits to the inappropriately-titled Nokia “Care” Centre for half-arsed attempts at “fixing” it (which I instead believe are only attempts to deflect the issue cos they don’t really know what to do about it….)

I am very unhappy about this, and believe I am very entitled to tell anyone and everyone my opinion. If this was a motor vehicle, there’d be uproar. If this was how a professional service was delivered, there’d be degistration…

Thanks again to Universal Cynic for providing an option that Nokia themselves could not (…or it that “would not” ?)

(…or is that “would not” ?)

For those interested, the camera will zoom in/out with not only #/* but also the volume keys.

drtezza, thanks for the info! I didn’t know I can zoom in/out when using the camera with the # and * keys… I’ve been using the volume keys and that’s a bit awkward when taking video (shaking).

Written by:
Posted on:
26 April 2010 at 3:14 pm

(For those interested, the camera will zoom in/out with not only #/* but also the volume keys.)
Thanks for that, after installing Magic key i could not use zoom on my Gallery Photos, however after reading your comment, i discovered the Volume key does the job..Cheers.

I tried with 255 and it works… but sometimes, the keys may be non-responsive, although the zoom bar had been disabled. With “0″ configured in keys 192 and 193 I had no non-responsive keys, but that annoying extra character pop-up insists on appearing! :-(

Paashaus, thanks for visiting.

Yeah… with “0″, you’ll have the pop-up when typing text. I use it only for Garmin.

Hi. I loaded the “OPDA_Signed_MagicKey_1.0_Unsigned_Leftup@OPDA.sisx”, but it dosn’t help. What do I wrong ?

Hi. Is there an easier instruction ? I didn’t get what I have to do to register and apply for the certificate …

Just go to OPDA and register. If you click the link I put, you’ll get to a page where there’s a “Register | Login” link top right. Click “Register”. Then follow instructions there.

If you’ve followed all the instructions, it should work. Try again, see what you miss. As a tip, what I usually miss is assigning the keymap to a particular software. Or, forgetting to check if the Default keymap is assigned to the All Apps.

Thank you very much!!! :D
The solution worked wonderfully for me!
Not only did the crazy zooming stop but i can STILL use the zoom bar without problems!! Thank you!!

Hi again. Sorry, but I think I’m to stupid … By OPDA I get this file: “opda.cn_Rolf’s_6710_MagicKey_10_Unsigned_Leftup@OPDA.sisx”. Is it the right one? It is unsigned. Have I to do sign it and what does that mean ?

Hi Rolf,

I think that one’s signed. It has the “Unsigned” word probably because the file you uploaded has that in the name. I think the one from OPDA is signed because you have the “” in front.

Just try to install that one. Copy it to your phone using USB or whatever. Better, if you have Ovi Suite or Nokia Suite installed, connect the phone to the Suite and then double click the sisx file. Ovi Suite will install it to the phone for you.

Sometimes smartphones are not so smart when they make easy things complicated… like installing stuff. Nokia should have given the option to turn off the zoom bar in the phone… like the option to turn off the sensor.

Hello guys,

I ‘ve also installed magic key thanx to Unicynic. Seems to work fine with the zoom but I think the keys still don’t respond. I’ve tried both map to 29 and 186 but still nothing. I must admit that solving just the zooming is a big deal but maybe I do something wrong for the rest of it. Any ideas?

Hi alpine. Yeah, the keys still don’t respond once in a while. When that happens, I usually just slide close and then slide open. The zooming is causing the keys to lock. By sliding close, it breaks the zooming input and reset the key buffer, I think. I read that Nokia now knows how to repair this issue. I wish my phone is still in perfect condition. If I take it to the reseller now, they’ll probably just say it’s broken because of my fault or something… when it’s already zooming before any other issue.
By the way, even the earpiece is already broken now… voice sounds so weird like buzzing. I had all sorts of problem with my Nokia 6220C last time too… and I replaced the parts myself – with cheaper imitation parts that somehow have higher quality than original Nokia parts. With the 6220C, also had key problems at first… then the keypad died. Changed it myself – bought cheap replacement on eBay. Worked better than Nokia’s original.
Maybe I should try to replace the stuff myself with this 6710 too… I just don’t know how to open a slider phone.

Hi Cynic. This a worldwide problem. I am in Brazil and henceforth I hope I get the zommig fixed. I am sorry but as I am not an expert at these aplications and I’d like to know if I have to open the application that I want to set keys before using the MagicKey or doesn’t matter at all?????? Anyway, thanks for your help in advance.

Hi Mario,

You don’t need to open the app to set it in MagicKey. Using MagicKey, first create a keymap (in the KeyMap List tab) for the specific application. Then, in the App List tab, add an application and assign the keymap to the application (Options > Add). You can select the application from the list. This will be the specific application keymap. For general use (all other applications), you can customize the Default Keymap.

Okay. I’ll tell you later if it works.
Here we go… thanks.

thx bro~appreciate u…you solved my problems..really thx~

Hi UniCynic.

Thankyou for all your time and patience with everyone (on all the forums!). Got my 6710 here in South Africa 2 weeks ago, an very same problem.

I’ve followed your instructions to the T, and tried diff keymapping (6, 96, 29) but nothing works. And MagicKey is def. running.
Just updated firmware too.

Any idea what the prob is?
Saw in another forum that you’d heard that Nokia now knows how to solve this problem – know more about that?


I managed to fix the zoom issue!

its zoom is the only fault with this handset, the cpu beats most hands down, the memory lets it down a bit though.

my zoom issue has been ongoing, following several handset replacements, and several occasions without the phone for weeks at a time, i found that the handset is reacting to heat, when its warm the zoom is uncontrollable, (warm == about body temp) any movement near the screen (ie whilst typing sms, etc) would result in zooming in and out randomly,

i tried hoovering the handset to clean it, blowing it to clean it, cooling using hairdryer, all to no success…


I took DRASTIC action, and YES, THIS WILL VOID WARRANTY! but im at the stage where i no longer care, i just want a functioning usefull phone!

so out comes the tool kit

(yes i am an electronics bench engineer, no im not nokia trained, but i can surface work on pcb’s so i felt this was not a major task)

do not try this at home!

step one, remove the two screws on the rear of the slide and carefully unclip the front…18052010.jpg

step two, remove the slide sensor from the front panel and break the flex lead…52010001.jpg

step three, carefully trim the flex lead so it doesnt short on the chassis…52010003.jpg

step four, replace the keypad…52010002.jpg

step five, replace the front panel from the bottom and clip up the sides and screw in the two screws…52010004.jpg

enjoy the 6710 as it was designed to be used…

no more zooming in and out uncontrollably

(you’ve all had it happen!)

no more predictive text issues

(choices no longer get picked at random when scrolling through word selections using the ‘*’ key during message creation)

no more none responsive keys whilst texting, dialing numbers, emails, web addresses, postcodes or addresses in maps, etc

(caused by the buffer filling up with zoom commands)

the ONLY downside is you cant zoom in and out using the zoom bar! :-P

I am now happy with my 6710!

well, except i bought it in october 09 and bought it due to the lifetime licence to maps,

for nokia to then give away the licence for free to everyone weeks later!…. that gutted me!

if you dont want to resolve to such drastic action yourselves, you can only wait until nokia adds an option to the firmware that disables the zoom bar!

Thanks bAN01TgAZ. Was waiting for someone to show how to do it on the hardware. It’s not like the zoom bar is much supported by applications, anyway. But I can’t see the images (error 404). Would be nice if you can post to a website. I can add it here too, if you’re ok with that.

Hi Tejan,

Someone said in the forums that Nokia is coming up with a solution… but I don’t know. Took them too long to own up to it.
I don’t know what’s wrong with your phone. Hmm… can you confirm that the default keymap is the one configured, and that it’s already linked to All Apps (App List tab)?

Hi Chuen. You’re welcome. We’re all in this together. Hope next Nokia phone is better because it’s hard to move away from Nokia.

Hi guys.

also there’s another way to fix the zoom problem. Look at what I found in a brazilian discussion ( about this (it’s in italian):

But, if the phone is still under warranty don’t do it.

Thanks, bAN01TgAZ!
When I have some free time, I’ll use your info and the pictures to come up with a guide, if that’s ok with you? I don’t know if I’m going to try it myself, though…

no problems.

glad to be of service

Many thanks bAN01TgAZ!
Just a tipp. It’s not necessary to remove the slider-top. Just remove the keyboard (I did it with a small screwdriver). Then on the top right you will find the flex lead to the zoom bar. I cut it twice. And finished is the little “surgery”… And I’m HAPPY!!!

Finally, I’ve opened my 6710. However, instead of cutting the sensor flex, I put PVC tape (those you use for electrical insulation) on top of the sensor. I followed the steps from the video link posted by Mario above. Only that instead of aluminium foil + pvc tape, I only use one layer of PVC tape.

The result is that the zoom bar is less sensitive now. So I can use it although it does zoom randomly once in a while but only when I’m using it. It’s not as bad as before which was continuous random zoom even when I’m not touching the area.

The most immediate result that I notice is that the keys are responsive. The system also seems faster. I don’t get contacts screen popping up when exiting from the menu anymore. I don’t have to click anything twice anymore.

I still turn on MagicKeys to capture and filter out the occasional random zoom. But at least, I can turn off MagicKeys and still use the zoom bar once in a while.

I’ll try it out for a while. Earlier, I put three layers of PVC tape and that just disabled the zoom bar. Cool. Except that the tape is thick and the front cover seems a bit bulged out ha ha.

Maybe if I can find some aluminium insulation tape, I can try it out. I’m still waiting if Nokia will come update the firmware and enable us to disable the zoom bar. So that’s why I don’t want to cut the flex yet.

By the way, you’ll need Torx screwdrivers sizes T-6 and T-5. The T-6 to release the slider and the T-5 to open the screen cover. If you don’t have the tool to pry open the clipped parts, a hard guitar pick will do (preferebly a bass pick).

38 Written by: bAN01TgAZ
Posted on: 18 May 2010 at 2:52 pm

Absolutely wonderful…..a huge **THANK YOU** to you…..followed your instructions and my 6710 is fantastic now….i just gave it a vasectomy lol……a quick snip and it was safe to use for years to cum with no frustration lol…..once again…….thank you so much +++

Type your comment herI can’t thank you guys enough. I have a mobile screen reader called nuance talks. and now I know that the unresponsave keys are due to the zoom bar. these nokia techs do not know what they are dooing cause they checked it out and said I am not having a zoombar prob. they are wrong. for my menue key does not respond, keys freezes up randemly, and phone locks up!!!! I”m taking it back this instant! I just wish I had stumbled upon you sooner. thanks very much for your help!!

Heya UC.

Any updates on using your phone since using the PVC tape?

Going to perform the ‘surgery’ this weekend.. ;)

I checked out the video Mario posted – can’t tell what type of tape they use. If you ever find out what the optimal type of tape is, pls do post it here.

Thanks again,

Hi Tejan,

My PCV tap surgery seems to work well enough, but not perfect. Sometimes, it still happen but not so bad anymore. I still turn on MagicKeys to trap the keystrokes but that means sometime there’s still unresponsive keys.

I think I’ll try back with two layers of the PVC tape. If that still doesn’t work, maybe I’ll just cut off the zoom bar strip…

Just a tip when opening a Nokia phone. Be careful and do it slow. Some parts are actually glued together by double-tape (the keypad circuit and the zoom bar strip). So, pry slowly but firmly to separate the top cover. Mario’s video seems easy because he probably already removed the double-tape.

Great tips! I will try it definitely
thanks for sharing this!

I used the MagicKey on my 6710. I mapped to 186 (operator) instead of 6 (print screen) and it works. I did not need the screen touch zoom bar at all. Prefere it this way. Works for maps, camera and browser.
Thanks a lot.

It will give some “zooming” once in a while, though. When it does, just restart the phone and then run magickeys again. Or, if you truly don’t want to use the zoom bar ever, just open the phone and cut off the zoom strip. ;)

There is a new comment on the Nokia forum.


Maybe there is a glimmer of hope (IF it’s real…)

any other solutions beside installing MagicKey?

I’ve already abandoned hope for Nokia Care Centre. By the time the Malaysian Care Centre have the parts, my warranty will be useless. More than a year already! BTW, my warranty already voided… ha ha. I opened and put on tape.

wow, i thought i was the only one having problems with my 6710. I will try to open my phone when i get home and put electrical tape on the housing part of the zoom bar. hope it works. It’s a very good phone if not for the problems.

Read somewhere that ripping out the sensor key would put an end to the random zooming and phone would then run well, u loose warranty though and zoom obviously, does this work though or would it damage phone and leave it useless in sensor is ripped?

Should be okay. See earlier comments and pictures by bAN01TgAZ.

Hi Universal Cynic,

I have tried MagicKey and have mapped 192 and 193 both to 186 (as I saw from another post), and that seems to work fine. I first tried 6 as you posted earlier, but it gave me the same problem. 186 also gave me the same problem but it stopped once I had opened and exited the MagicKey application.

It has only been a few minutes, however, so I will wait a few days and see if the situation stays corrected.

Otherwise, thank you for your efforts and your wonderful help. I saw a post in the Nokia Forum which told us to open the screen and cut the cable that connects to the zoom bar, and I was seriously considering that drastic measure until I came across your post.

Will keep you (and everyone else here) updated on whether MagicKeys has resolved the issue once and for all.

Hi Ricardo,

You’re welcome. Glad to hear it works for you. For my 6710, I didn’t cut the zoom bar strip. But I did open up the phone and put a PVC tape on the zoom strip. That reduced the zoom keys registering. Then I use MagicKeys to totally disable it. The reason I put the tape is to make it less sensitive. Even with MagicKeys trapping the zoom keystrokes, the keystrokes still happen. That will still fill up the keybuffer. By putting the PVC tape, I reduce the keystrokes – freeing up the keybuffer and giving MagicKeys a better chance to trap the few strokes that still happened.

I re-mapped the 192 and 193 to 6.
Does NOT worked,still zooming in and out.Now I tried:
192 remap 186
193 remap 6
This combination is WORK for me,
I am happy now.

Thanx for the help. I mapped the keys to 29 and it works fine (neglecting the magic key bug). Thanx also to drtezza so I can zoom camera and gallery pictures. The zoom problem was really annoying.

Thanks UC!
Helped me a lot in taking the irritating zoom function away. My phone is brand new and I was more or less aware of the problems with this model but I liked the phone and decided to bear it out but with the solution you supplied it’s much easier!
Mapped all to 6 incuding Garmin. Seems fine althought the keypad problem is still there but much less.

Atleast I am able to do a search on Garmin without the bloody AAA’s!

Thanks again.

You’re welcome, Marco. You can try putting the tape trick to reduce the keypad problem to almost nothing.. but you’ll have to open the phone. Actually, Nokia says they know how to fix the phone (by repairing the grounding of the zoombar — which is like putting the tape, hah!). So, if it’s convenient, better take it to the nearest Nokia service center and tell them it’s the zoombar problem.

Hi all. Thank you UniCynic for your work with this endless prolem that finally for me came to end by adding the double layer tape as showed in the youtube videos. I can’t believe I have a working phone now after a year of pain!

Hi luca,
You’re welcome. I didn’t do much work… just looking for answers on the Internet. My thanks to those people who worked on getting it done. Also those who contributed information here.

Just to let you people know that after a year struggling with the Nokia 6710 Navigator, I’ve decided to abandon Nokia. Despite the nice N8, I don’t dare risk it.
So now I’ve switched to Samsung. I’m typing this now on my Samsung Galaxy S. I’m totally loving it! The best phone I’ve ever used.
My Nokia has better camera with flash. It can also run Garmin. And yet, despite all that, this Galaxy S still beats it like 10 times better.
So, bye bye Nokia. It’s been emotional.

Thank you so ever much for the software along with your informative instructions. I’ve mapped the mentioned buttons to 0 and now, not only did I get rid of the random zoom keystrokes, but I can still use the zoom bar along with the keys * and # too zoom in NORMALLY in all the applications I’ve tried so far.
And Nokia, if only your concern about your customers was as cool as your products.

[...] updates have been issued, fixing other bugs but this one hasn’t gone anywhere. Thankfully there was a solution forthcoming, not from Nokia though, which involved disabling the zoom bar. This should have be [...]

Two months on Galaxy S now. Just beautiful. Found a good alternative to Garmin… Sygic Aura. Expensive, though. And still able to use Ovi Maps online through Locus. And where Samsung fails (still waaaaayyy better than Nokia), the Android community steps in. They even have custom Romd and custom kernels… And all legal because Google holds on to “Do No Evil”.

It’s not perfect but pretty close. Whatever shortcomings there are, there are always the App Market for all sorts of apps. I’ve also just discovered Netmite that allows me to download and convert normal MIDP java apps into Android APKs right on the phone! So now I can still use whatever java apps and games I have. Really cool.

I would like to write a review of the Galaxy S but can only think of two words: the best!

I am going to try the grounding solution before opening the phone as it’s still under warranty. Found two care centres in my vicinity so will try them and see what happens.

Got my phone back after less than a week! Was sceptical at first but lo and behold, it works! Zooming is fine! No random behaviour and keys are working properly without having to rewrite anything! No interruptions because of the constant zooming. What a pleasure! Seems they’ve got it right this time!

it took me a while to work out how to sign the certificate to the magickey app, but i got there in the end and i found that mapping both to 186 works for me. thanks heaps! stupid nokia….def not getting another one after this is y 3rd replacement in a year of the same phone!!

My phone is 6710s. I followed all of the steps and it seemed like it worked, but the zoom bar problem was not fixed, because there were the usual problems. Anyway it is way better than before. Thanks.

It worked for me. Sometimes the zoom problem returns but opening Magic key and close it solves this problem.
I have one question. What does this program do? What does this mapping etc. do?

But again many thanks for this program.

You’re welcome…. but I didn’t make the program. I’m just linking it.
The program takes an input, and report another input to the phone system. So, we program it to intercept the zoom bar input and tell the phone it’s an input from a non-existent key. Sometimes it fails because there’s just too many erratic input from the zoom bar… so just restart it.

I tried MagicKeys and taping the zoom bar as shown in the Youtube video but all to no avail. The only thing that seemed to work for me was buying a new casing from a Chinese supplier off eBay and that seems to have fixed it – for now. Go figure…

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