Linux Mint 7 on Lenovo 3000 Y410

I’ve just installed Mint 7 on my Lenovo, dual-booting with Windows XP Pro. Hit a few snatch and had to install twice as I am using Acronis True Image 11 with the Startup Recovery option.

First of all, if you have Startup Recovery of True Image too, don’t install Grub on the MBR. Grub will need to be on primary partition so you can boot it. I tried a logical partition and it just won’t boot despite setting the boot flag.

Then, when installing, choose advanced options and select to install Grub on the primary partition where the /boot folder is (don’t forget to set that as active partition before installing!).

When booting, you’ll still get the F11 prompt for Acronis. If you don’t press F11, it will load Grub. From there, you can start whichever OS installed.

Another thing on the Y410 is that Compiz won’t work out of the box. Just open the terminal and give the command “compiz-check”. It will say everything else as pass but the last one “warn”. Press “y” to see more and disable the check for blacklisted cards.

After that, you can turn on Compiz. Seems to work fine though…

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I have the same model notebook do you have the mic working for skype? and if so, can you tell me your settings?

Thanks for visiting.
Skype for Linux? I haven’t tried. I haven’t even tried if the mic works at all. I’ll update when I get it working.