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Installing Windows 10 on the Lenovo 3000 Y410

The free upgrade to Windows 10 is going to end very soon. So I spent last night to update to Windows 10 while I still can! I upgraded in the past from Windows XP to Windows 7. My unit actually came with FreeDOS but it works very well with Windows XP. Lenovo also provided Windows […]

Goodbye Nokia. The 6710 was such a shame.

Finally, after struggling with the 6710 Navigator, I’ve ditched it and got myself a Samsung Galaxy S. The Galaxy S is not a perfect phone but you don’t need to open up the phone and cut wires to make it perfect (unlike a Nokia). So, my next few entries will probably be about the Galaxy […]

XMetaL 5.5 (SP1) DITA and Windows 7

I use XMetaL Author Enterprise for my work. We use a customized DITA Open Toolkit. With XMetaL, the customized files are placed in the Common Files folder under the XMetal Shared folder. These files get updated from our version control system. Once there are updates, sometimes I need to make changes such as changing product […]

Got Bored and Took an IQ Test…

The result: – Free IQ Test

What Words Can’t Express

While (TM.exist == True) { Client.Net.Svc = Screwed; Var i = TM.bribe; For (i = 1; i < Inf (Money); i++) { Cmptitor(TM) = Blocked; Bldg.Mgr.Wlth = Bldg.Mgr.Wlth + i; Gov.Offcr.Wlth = Gov.Offcr.Wlth + i; Improve.Net.Svc = False; } Var u = Users.My; For (u = 1; u < Popltn.My; u++) { Client.Net.Svc = u […]

CADIE: Google’s April Fool’s Joke (2009) is More Elaborate Than It Seems

Every year on 1st of April, GMail will have some sort of April Fool’s joke. Last year was about some feature to have all your emails printed and posted to you… This year seems less elaborate and not so funny… at first. Here’s the link:¬† However, on deeper inspection, there’s more to it! There’s a […]