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Love, Inc.-The Long Ride Home

Finished a new song today. We’ve been waiting to be able to cross borders and go visit parents, family, and friends. Several times already, it felt like the border would open but they did not. Let’s hope this time it’s fo real. It’s been a long rider home.

Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram are down

Facebook and Instagram down… well, frustrating but not a showstopper. But Whatsapp is also down! That app has replaced calling and texting functions for many people for so long. Without Whatsapp, we can’t communicate! But I guess one good thing is that this also stopped all the fake news from circulating for a while. Oh […]

It’s Been a While

I have not updated this blog for quite some time. I mostly post of Facebook these days. I spend my free time gaming, playing with Linux, and writing and recording original music with my guitar and MacBook. Maybe I will update this blog with those things. For a start, here is the latest song as […]

Goodbye Nokia. The 6710 was such a shame.

Finally, after struggling with the 6710 Navigator, I’ve ditched it and got myself a Samsung Galaxy S. The Galaxy S is not a perfect phone but you don’t need to open up the phone and cut wires to make it perfect (unlike a Nokia). So, my next few entries will probably be about the Galaxy […]

Got Bored and Took an IQ Test…

The result: – Free IQ Test

What Words Can’t Express

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CADIE: Google’s April Fool’s Joke (2009) is More Elaborate Than It Seems

Every year on 1st of April, GMail will have some sort of April Fool’s joke. Last year was about some feature to have all your emails printed and posted to you… This year seems less elaborate and not so funny… at first. Here’s the link:¬† However, on deeper inspection, there’s more to it! There’s a […]